Episode 17: Dr. Taryn Morgan on Keeping Balance

Keeping the balance I think was done well. I work with a lot of athletes now that there’s so much pressure on the outcome and winning, and it’s all about the sport. That I think that’s a struggle for them.
— Dr. Taryn Morgan

Kathy has known Sports Psychology expert Dr. Taryn Morgan for over ten years as both a mentor and friend. She brings insight and empathy to her work as Director of Athletic and Personal Development at IMG, working with student athletes on many levels. She is also a spouse and parent herself, and during her decorated tennis career was ranked number one in Girls’ Junior tennis and number nine nationally. She continued on to play for Division I Stetson University and went undefeated (26-0) during one of her seasons there. She was a Second Team Academic All-American and inducted into the Stetson University Hall of Fame, and recently the ASUN Hall of Fame. Kathy and Taryn discuss making mistakes, learning and growing, and maintaining a separation between life on and off the court (and sometimes letting her Dad take her tennis lesson). Her greatest encouragement to parents is to truly allow your children to enjoy their sport, and enjoy it with them!

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Episode 16: Hannah Wellhite on Parents Showing Up

When I see that someone is faster than me, he sits me down, and he says, “It’s just on paper they haven’t beaten you yet, it’s just an emblem on paper”.
— Hannah Wellhite

Hannah was a four-time varsity high school track athlete, garnering  four state medals and two school records to her name before rising to collegiate competition in 2016. Currently competing for the Augustana women’s indoor and outdoor teams, she holds the 200m school record for the Vikings in both indoor and outdoor season competition. Hannah is a three-time national qualifier and two-time all-American who placed 5th in the 100m and 6th in the 200m NCAA Division III Outdoor Track & Field Championships in 2018. Kathy and Hannah talk discipline, dedication, letting go of control, and how to guide your student through the sometimes-stressful process of early specialization. Hannah has her eye on the Augustana records in the 100m and 60m, as well as a national championship for her junior season in 2018-2019.

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Episode 15: Victor Furtado on Supportive Parenting

If I didn’t have the support of my parents, I don’t think I would have gone this far.
— Victor Furtado

Victor is an incredibly talented swimmer hailing from São Paulo, Brazil. He began his career in the pool at ten, participating in 3 international championships before coming to the United States to compete with the Florida Institute of Technology men’s team in 2016. During his freshman season, Victor qualified for Nationals, going on to a Sunshine State Conference Championship, breaking the FIT record for the 100m freestyle, and competing in the finals for the 2017 Nationals his sophomore year. This past season, he broke his own record in the 100m freestyle (twice!), broke the 50m freestyle record for both Florida Tech and the Sunshine State Conference, and placed second at Nationals in both the 50m and 100m races. Victor’s love of swimming came from supporting his father as he recovered from an injury with pool exercise, and this support has been extended back to Victor by his entire family, guiding his performance and ethics as an athlete. Kathy and Victor hone in on what it looks like to support your athlete unconditionally and give your fullest as an athletic competitor. He plans to perform at 100% and win a national championship in his upcoming senior season.



50 free.jpeg
2018 100 free-1.jpg

Episode 14: Karlyn Prisco on Parents and Thought Systems

At the end of the day, everyone is a person, your dad, your mom, they’re still people, your child, they’re still a person, they’re going to have their own thought systems.
— Karlyn Prisco

Karlyn has been playing soccer for over twenty years, beginning at four and joining competitive league play at eight. She was a three-sport letterman all four years of high school in swimming, soccer, and track before going on to a successful five seasons at Florida Tech as a goalkeeper for the Panthers. In 2017 they were the Sunshine State Conference Champions and Karlyn was named a Sunshine State Conference Most Outstanding Player. Karlyn also served as a member of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee for two years of her collegiate career, helping to inform the decisions of the NCAA. She joins Kathy to talk about loyalty, communication, the importance of having a why, and why getting on the field was not as impactful as leaving a legacy off the field. She gives sound advice to students and parents on controlling what you can and setting short-term goals. In August she embarks on her next challenge, pursuing her master’s degree at Florida State on a full-tuition scholarship.



Episode 13: Coaching Parents to Parent Athletes with Janis Meredith

Most parents want to raise a champion...the biggest factor is (the parent) themselves. - Janis Meredith

Janis Meredith is a youth sports parenting blogger, podcaster, and parent coach.  She helps busy, often overwhelmed parents by providing resources to guide them as they strive to give their children a positive and growing youth sports experience. In this episode, Janis talks about the importance of self-care and discipline so parents can bring their best self to raising their youth athlete.

Janis offers coaching calls for sporting parents follow this link for more info: https://jbmthinks.com/


Episode 12: Training to Succeed at Parenting with Will Kastroll

The success of training, is the training of success. - Will Kastroll

Will Kastroll’s happiest achievement is his marriage to his wife of 22 years. They have 8 children ranging from age 22 to 4 and they live in Naples Florida where he owns a multi-location insurance agency business.

In this episode, he talks with Kathy about his own sporting experience, the lessons he's tried to pass on to his children and one of his secrets, "deliberate practice". Training to succeed is an arduous journey but in Will's estimation it's THE way to get to sustained success not only on the court or field, but in life.

And Will knows a thing or two about success. He's played sports his whole life. In high school he was an all state soccer goalie, in college Will played Division I lacrosse at Penn State. In his spare time he likes to compete in local Crossfit competitions, open water distance swim, and work on his yoga practice.

Will volunteers his time as President of the Board of Trustees at Royal Palm Academy, a private Catholic grade and middle school in Naples, FL.

Joel Sharpton

Vocal Artist, Audio Producer, Podcaster, Broadcaster, and writer. Joel is a busy dad of four, lucky husband to one and probably behind a microphone right now.

Episode 11: Parenting Your Athlete, Not Managing Your Athlete with Mark Leeds

You can’t always dominate and win, everytime. - Mark Leeds

Mark Leeds is the Chief Sales Officer  for ProHCM Holdings, a human capital management technology and services company based in Massachusetts. He's also the father of Mitch Leeds, a pitcher for the Lafayette Leopards in college and now a scout for the Toronto Blue Jays organization.

Mark joins Kathy to discuss his own experiences as a sporting parent, the hardship of overcoming a divorce for Mitch and how those hardships and obstacles helped form the man that Mitch is today. Have you ever butted heads with your athlete? Or do you hope to help them avoid regret? Then this episode is for you.

Mitch and Dad.jpeg
Mitch Chatham Anglers Cape League.jpeg
Mitch pitching for Danbury Westeners of NECBL.jpeg

Joel Sharpton

Vocal Artist, Audio Producer, Podcaster, Broadcaster, and writer. Joel is a busy dad of four, lucky husband to one and probably behind a microphone right now.

Episode 10: Putting the Family First with Abby Milon

Abby Milon, attorney, college professor, wife, and mother of three children who all grew up playing a variety of sports joins us in this episode. 

Abby grew up in a sports family with four of her brothers earning college football scholarships.  Several of her older nephews also played college sports thus providing a framework for her in raising her three children as scholar athletes. Her husband, Wally Milon,  played several sports in high school but focused on academics in college rather than continue down the athletic path following a severe concussion on the football field as a punter. 

Of the three children, Matthew exhibited an intense interest and talent for playing basketball around 4th-5th grade.  He is the reference point for this discussion about raising a student athlete who excels in a particular sport.

Abby offers great insight into balancing the needs of the "star athlete" with the family's goals and values as well as the needs of the other children. She also highlights the importance of a "team first" mentality as a cheering, supportive parent.

Joel Sharpton

Vocal Artist, Audio Producer, Podcaster, Broadcaster, and writer. Joel is a busy dad of four, lucky husband to one and probably behind a microphone right now.

Episode 09: Big Picture Parenting with Jim Thompson

Brandi Chastain_Jim Thompson.jpeg

Jim Thompson, founder and CEO of Positive Coaching Alliance, joins Kathy this week to share insights for parents and adults in youth sports culture. Ways to help keep sports, life, and personal development all in the right balance.

Jim started PCA in 1998 to transform the culture of youth sports into a Development Zone™ with the goal to develop Better Athletes, Better People. PCA’s vision of youth sports as a Development Zone has attracted the support and involvement of many elite coaches, athletes, academics and business leaders in this country. 

He challenges us as parents and coaches to focus on the "Big Picture" for our children and the kids in our responsibility as we provide sound examples for the next generation of Peak Performers.


Joel Sharpton

Vocal Artist, Audio Producer, Podcaster, Broadcaster, and writer. Joel is a busy dad of four, lucky husband to one and probably behind a microphone right now.

Episode 08: Protecting Your Athlete from a Predatory Coach or Trainer with Mitch Abrams


"My child could never be caught up in something like that." We've all thought it. Surely the parent KNEW something was wrong! With the current #metoo movement revealing story after story of abuse and molestation by coaches, trainers, doctors and others in the sporting world, the truth is it's NOT always apparent. 

Mitch Abrams, a sport psychologist and the nation's expert in anger and violence in sports, joins Kathy Feinstein to discuss this pressing issues for parents of sporting children and young adults. This is a serious conversation, not just for assurance that we're all doing the right thing, but to arm ourselves and each other with actionable takeaways. What to watch for, how to know when to intervene and the tactics used by the perpetrators, this episode is a MUST LISTEN for every sporting parent.

The larger answer (in Mitch's estimation) is a broader conversation about masculinity, sexuality and consent. Arming our children with knowledge, emotional and social intelligence turns potential victims into empowered individuals and potential perpetrators into people with the vocabulary to seek the help they need.

"If you have any coach that says 'I won't meet with the parents' you RUN. Run for the hills." - Mitch Abrams.


Episode 07: Unleashing the E-Athlete with James Leath


James Leath is a speaker, writer, and performance coach. The founder of Unleash the Athlete, a leadership development company for athletes and coaches, James is the former Head of Leadership Development at IMG Academy where he worked with elite athletes from middle school to the professionals.

James talks with Kathy in this episode about his work with college and high school athletes as well as his latest role, the Director of Performance for the professional eSport organization, Complexity Gaming.

Whether you're parenting an e-athlete, a traditional athlete or just a kid you hope grows up to be a healthy, happy, well-rounded adult, there's something in this episode for you!

Episode 06: You Can Always Try - Setting an Expectation of Effort with Paul Heuerman

Paul Heuerman, Center for the Michigan Wolverines and briefly a member of the Phoenix Suns and Indiana Pacers, is now a member of one of the most prestigious law firms in the country. He’s also loving dad to three athletes, Jeff, tight end for Ohio State and now the Denver Broncos, Mike, tight end at Notre Dame and Matt, who turned down college football scholarships to pursue his love of Golf.

Paul talks about his efforts to recreate his own childhood relationship with sport. His family’s sport philosophy is one that focuses on fun, team goals and a level-headed approach that reminds his sons that there’s always a bigger and smaller fish in the pond.

You’ll enjoy the stories Paul shares of raising his three boys, but you’ll also gain a new insight into the balance of sport, life, faith and family that has brought such success and happiness to the Heuerman’s.


Episode 05: Winning Youth Coaching - Gold Medal Parenting Advice with Craig Haworth


Craig Haworth is the founder of the Winning Youth Coaching Podcast, which has served coaches around the world since 2014 with over 125 episodes that have been downloaded more than 200,000 times!

A passionate youth sports coach, Craig is a husband, father of three and a believer that coaches can change the self-esteem and future of the young people they coach.

In this episode, Craig talks with Kathy about sport/life balance, the coach/parent/athlete relationship, his own career and http://WinningYouthCoaching.com

You won't want to miss the Gold Medal Parenting advice and practical tips Craig shares with Kathy. To find more great coaching resources from Craig, visit his site linked above.

Episode 04: We Fall with Them - Parenting Your Child Through Adversity with Josie Santiago


Josie Santiago, parent of FIT standout collegiate track and field athlete, Alexis, joins Kathy this week to share her sport parenting journey.   Josie shares her experience balancing the dual role of working mom and athlete support crew.  She talks candidly about co parenting Josie with husband Hector, working through her own feelings after the wins and losses, and how she used adversity to build Alexis's character and to instill a growth mindset.  This interview is full of great insight from a loving mom!


Episode 03: Parenting for a Pro with David Emma


Former NHL player, David Emma, joins Kathy to discuss his daughters pursuit of sports and how his professional experience has been useful (and detrimental) to his own parenting.

From helping your child make a mindset change, overcoming coaches' concerns (and your own lack of confidence) that you know what is best for your child, to listening when your child is telling you they're ready to quit David is full of great info and advice for sporting parents and families.


Episode 02: Parenting for the Child with Andrew Deramo Sr.

Photo credit Jay Blue/Blue Jays From Away

Photo credit Jay Blue/Blue Jays From Away

"...as a pitcher, you're sort of lonely out there. That doesn't bother him, failure doesn't bother him."

Andrew Deramo joins us to talk about his son, Andrew, currently pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays and their path in sports. Andrew is a firm believer in letting the child lead when it comes to choosing a sport. When his son decided to specialize in high school and give up basketball for a few years, Andrew didn't fight him, even though he disagreed.

For Andrew, parenting a "peak performer" was about continually "letting go" of his own expectations or desires to help give room for his son to grow and find his own path. As Andrew tells it, it's not about giving up parental authority or responsibility, but checking your own pride and ambition to help your child find their own way.

"Some parents take it WAY too serious. At a young age, they think if their kid is the best, he's going to be the best all the time."

Episode 01: Adding Water to Your Child’s Well with Larry Lauer, Ph.D.


Dr. Larry Lauer is the mental skills specialist for USTA Player Development, and for over a decade has been a sport pschology consultant with elite tennis players from juniors, college and the pro ranks.

“If you thought of your confidence as a well of water, those six streams fill up your well. But you need a deep well, for instance, if you’re going to face Raphael Nadal...”

He joins Kathy in this episode, to highlight the path of HEALTHY parenting for sporting families. Separating a child’s goals and aspirations from the parents. Dr. Lauer also talks about grounding your parenting in love and positivity, ensuring your child has a source of confidence to draw from in times of trial, on the court and off.

Episode 0: Introduction to Parenting Peak Performers Podcast

Episode 0: Introduction to Parenting Peak Performers Podcast

Meet Kathy Feinstein, Mental Health Counselor and Sport Performance Consultant, who has LIVED the life of sport parent. Through her own experiences of sport both bringing her family together and threatening to tear it apart, Kathy has developed a love (and an amazing skill set) for helping parents manage their own expectations and attitudes while supporting and parenting their peak performer with confidence.

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