Our Philosophy 

Kathy Feinstein strongly believes in the value of counseling.  In her experience, it is the relationship and trust developed between therapist and client that facilitates understanding and change.  She partners with her clients to establish and achieve their personal goals. 

Kathy maintains the same ideals in her sport performance consulting as she does in her general counseling practice.

In addition to her counseling beliefs, Kathy also recognizes that athletes perform with the same mindset they live. The mental skills learned through sports also have the potential to enhance an athlete's day-to-day life; at school, at work and in relationships. Kathy strives to optimize the true potential of each individual athlete through mental skills training. 

This training is the key to increased confidence, motivation, concentration & focus resulting in peak performance. 


KAF Counseling

Our Mission

We are catalysts for removing barriers to our clients' performances in their relationships, well being, health, careers, and sport. 

  • We build trusting relationships

  • We are responsive

  • We are accessible

  • We are committed to excellence

  • Clients experience being cared for and respected

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