We are catalysts for removing barriers to our clients' performances in their relationships, well-being, health, careers, and sport.

 We build trusting relationships so that our clients can develop new ways of thinking and being.


Counseling Services

Kathy has a special interest in mood and anxiety disorders, grief and loss, relationship issues, parenting, wellness and pediatric obesity. Learn more about Kathy's approach to counseling.

Professional Speaking

An accomplished speaker, Kathy offers an array of interactive workshops and seminars designed to enhance the quality of life for her participants. Learn more about Kathy's workshops.

Sport Performance Services

Kathy provides sport and exercise psychology consulting services for youth, high school, collegiate, adult amateur, teams, coaches and professional athletes. 


Listen to interviews with parents of collegiate and pro athletes and experts in the field of sport psychology to help you and your family live a richer, more full life WITH sport, not for it.


Meet Kathy A. Feinstein


Kathy Feinstein is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Sport Performance Consultant (CMPC). Since 1998 her unique practice has empowered adolescents, adults, couples, families and teams to achieve greater satisfaction in sport, health and life. Kathy’s practice focuses on the 3 key areas: counseling, sport performance psychology and education through seminars and workshops. Kathy works with youth, high school, collegiate, adult amateur and professional athletes in such sports as golf, tennis, hockey, volleyball, basketball, figure skating, cheerleading, track and field, swimming and cycling. In addition to sport and exercise psychology consulting, she also offers team and coach consulting. Kathy has a special interest in mood and anxiety disorders, grief and loss, relationship issues, parenting, medical/health issues and pediatric obesity. She is certified by the Association for Applied Sport Psychology.  Kathy is also an accomplished speaker and offers specialized and interactive workshops and seminars regularly.


“I loved her. She had a great presentation, very interesting. She just had a way of answering our questions and concerns.”


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