Episode 08: Protecting Your Athlete from a Predatory Coach or Trainer with Mitch Abrams


"My child could never be caught up in something like that." We've all thought it. Surely the parent KNEW something was wrong! With the current #metoo movement revealing story after story of abuse and molestation by coaches, trainers, doctors and others in the sporting world, the truth is it's NOT always apparent. 

Mitch Abrams, a sport psychologist and the nation's expert in anger and violence in sports, joins Kathy Feinstein to discuss this pressing issues for parents of sporting children and young adults. This is a serious conversation, not just for assurance that we're all doing the right thing, but to arm ourselves and each other with actionable takeaways. What to watch for, how to know when to intervene and the tactics used by the perpetrators, this episode is a MUST LISTEN for every sporting parent.

The larger answer (in Mitch's estimation) is a broader conversation about masculinity, sexuality and consent. Arming our children with knowledge, emotional and social intelligence turns potential victims into empowered individuals and potential perpetrators into people with the vocabulary to seek the help they need.

"If you have any coach that says 'I won't meet with the parents' you RUN. Run for the hills." - Mitch Abrams.