Episode 06: You Can Always Try - Setting an Expectation of Effort with Paul Heuerman

Paul Heuerman, Center for the Michigan Wolverines and briefly a member of the Phoenix Suns and Indiana Pacers, is now a member of one of the most prestigious law firms in the country. He’s also loving dad to three athletes, Jeff, tight end for Ohio State and now the Denver Broncos, Mike, tight end at Notre Dame and Matt, who turned down college football scholarships to pursue his love of Golf.

Paul talks about his efforts to recreate his own childhood relationship with sport. His family’s sport philosophy is one that focuses on fun, team goals and a level-headed approach that reminds his sons that there’s always a bigger and smaller fish in the pond.

You’ll enjoy the stories Paul shares of raising his three boys, but you’ll also gain a new insight into the balance of sport, life, faith and family that has brought such success and happiness to the Heuerman’s.