Episode 10: Putting the Family First with Abby Milon

Abby Milon, attorney, college professor, wife, and mother of three children who all grew up playing a variety of sports joins us in this episode. 

Abby grew up in a sports family with four of her brothers earning college football scholarships.  Several of her older nephews also played college sports thus providing a framework for her in raising her three children as scholar athletes. Her husband, Wally Milon,  played several sports in high school but focused on academics in college rather than continue down the athletic path following a severe concussion on the football field as a punter. 

Of the three children, Matthew exhibited an intense interest and talent for playing basketball around 4th-5th grade.  He is the reference point for this discussion about raising a student athlete who excels in a particular sport.

Abby offers great insight into balancing the needs of the "star athlete" with the family's goals and values as well as the needs of the other children. She also highlights the importance of a "team first" mentality as a cheering, supportive parent.

Joel Sharpton

Vocal Artist, Audio Producer, Podcaster, Broadcaster, and writer. Joel is a busy dad of four, lucky husband to one and probably behind a microphone right now.