Episode 15: Victor Furtado on Supportive Parenting

If I didn’t have the support of my parents, I don’t think I would have gone this far.
— Victor Furtado

Victor is an incredibly talented swimmer hailing from São Paulo, Brazil. He began his career in the pool at ten, participating in 3 international championships before coming to the United States to compete with the Florida Institute of Technology men’s team in 2016. During his freshman season, Victor qualified for Nationals, going on to a Sunshine State Conference Championship, breaking the FIT record for the 100m freestyle, and competing in the finals for the 2017 Nationals his sophomore year. This past season, he broke his own record in the 100m freestyle (twice!), broke the 50m freestyle record for both Florida Tech and the Sunshine State Conference, and placed second at Nationals in both the 50m and 100m races. Victor’s love of swimming came from supporting his father as he recovered from an injury with pool exercise, and this support has been extended back to Victor by his entire family, guiding his performance and ethics as an athlete. Kathy and Victor hone in on what it looks like to support your athlete unconditionally and give your fullest as an athletic competitor. He plans to perform at 100% and win a national championship in his upcoming senior season.



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