Episode 19: Patrick O'Sullivan on Breaking Away and Parents Staying in Their Lane.

I always just say I loved hockey more than I hated what was happening to me, and I felt like in the end, like that would somehow mean more… I made it make sense mentally, because I had to do something.
— Patrick O’Sullivan

Patrick is a former NHL player, bestselling author, hockey analyst, Sirius Radio talk show host, husband, father, and fellow podcast host of “The Morning Bagger”. Kathy and Patrick discuss the lengthy process of healing from abusive relationships in sports, especially in the parent-athlete relationship, and the simplicity of supporting your athlete while realizing their passion ultimately directs performance more than any one thing a parent can contribute. Patrick is able to share his story of abuse after years of healing through partnership with medical professionals. His story is a powerful example of the impact of trauma and the damage it inflicts. He also highlights how many parents and coaches chose not to reach out in his situation, and urges all listeners to be aware of the signs of abuse, and seek help immediately from the police when you think abuse may be occurring.


“A simple phone call can be something that changes a child’s life…


Anything that’s not normal. There’s certain things if you’re around, if your child plays sports or even if it’s anything kind of team-based, where you’re around a group of kids all the time, you know some of the idiosyncrasies that these kids have, and if anything looks abnormal, and you’re seeing this now for a couple weeks, there might be something there. And the best case scenario is that you say something, and you’re wrong.”


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