Episode 28: Swimmer and Mom Cailin Weidenmiller on Leaning into Independence and Off of the Pressure

There was never a pressure for me to be successful as long as I put all of my effort in, there was never this reward for being so great, it was all about how you showed up and how you committed and how hard you worked.
— Cailin Weidenmiller

Cailin is a former collegiate swimmer and mother of three. She began swimming at five while participating in multiple team sports and found a love for both the water and the routine. In middle school her focus shifted to swimming solely, resulting in three-practice days as a high school student and the desire to swim on the collegiate level. When she began swimming for The College of the Holy Cross she was named Rookie of the year for her Freshman season but began to notice that her desire for routine was creating anxiety and Tendinitis in both of her shoulders. By her Sophomore season, her heart and mind were not in the sport, causing her to walk away. Cailin and Kathy discuss her journey of discovering a love of sports, how living up to expectations affected her drive and finding herself as an athlete. Cailin shares how as a mom she is navigating allowing her own children to love what they’re doing and easing off pressure to perform both for her children and as a parent, all while she is currently training for an Ironman triathlon!