Episode 55: Christopher Mance on Purpose and Performance

Once they do develop a love of the sport you don’t want to take away that love.
— Chris Mance

Chris attended high school in New Jersey where he was a three-sport athlete in football, wrestling, and track. He received a varsity letter in all three sports and served as the captain of both the football and wrestling teams. After high school Chris attended the United States Military Academy at West Point. At West Point he played on the Army West Point football team. Chris later went on to get a master’s degree in software engineering at Florida A&M University. After finishing grad school, Chris worked full-time as a business analyst, consultant, and project manager at Accenture, Amdocs, and Lockheed Martin for 10 years. Chris left his job at Lockheed Martin to launch the startup Nichevertising, a software solution Chris built to help emerging thought leaders engage with the journalists and influencers in their niche. However, Chris shut down the company in August 2015 because he realized that he wasn’t following his true passion – helping youth and high school athletes reach their potential and enjoy their sports journey. With the help of his long-time mentor Reggie and his company Your Crescendo Chris found this purpose. Chris started working as a consultant for Your Crescendo in 2015, but things really started to click in early 2018 when he started consulting for one of Your Crescendo's key faith-based clients. These experiences brought him closer to his faith and his purpose to serve. He realized that his purpose in life was to combine his experiences from being an entrepreneur, software engineer, project manager, consultant, coach, dad, husband, and youth sports advocate. Have you been “that parent” and later regretted casting your own ambition, disappointment, or expectations on your athlete? This episode is for you!

Chris joins Kathy to discuss finding your purpose and balance as a sport parent to perform to your strengths and act as a guide to growing athletes, rather!  than a dad-coach or mom-coach. He shares his experience of developing an understanding of his own strengths and learning when to pull back. His approach shifted from feedback and self-learning, and this episode is absolutely brimming with hard-won wisdom. Chris strongly recommends parenting from your own unique strengths rather than trying to do it all, and mentions the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment. If you are interested in finding out more, find StrengthsFinder at https://www.gallupstrengthscenter.com/home/en-us/strengthsfinder. Chris can be found at http://chrismance.com, and Kathy would also love to hear from you! Connect with her on social media @sportpsychworks and through https://www.kafcounselingandsportperformance.com/contact.