What is Mental Toughness?  

People often seek therapy and coaching when they feel overwhelmed, lack control, or feel unable to act. Making decisions and following through isn’t simple willpower, so what is it? Mental toughness. This is the ability to work hard and respond resiliently to failure and adversity. This inner quality enables you to remain committed to their long-term passions and goals. Let’s take a closer look at what is mental toughness and how harnessing it can improve sports performance.  

Why Mental Toughness Matters 

Mental toughness skills are an asset to have in all areas of life. Those that train for mental toughness tend to rise to positions of authority and leadership in business, athletics, in addition to excelling in their personal lives.  

By shifting how you think, you will change the way you act, train and compete. With mental toughness coaching, you’re more equipped to handle obstacles and difficult circumstances without losing motivation or self-confidence. 

Mental Toughness & Sports Performance Coaching 

Mental toughness in sports isn’t just for the final seconds of the game or when the championship is on the line. You can’t expect to be mentally tough in game-deciding moments if you are not proactively working on your mental toughness muscle.  

Sports performance coaching for mental toughness encompasses: 

Winning Mindset 

The attitude of a performer that they will win or at least execute at their maximum level consistently. Their belief in themselves and their technical aptitude and training is solid and unwavering. Mental toughness training helps build confidence.  

Failing Well 

Being able to positively contextualize an inability to create the results that a performer set out to achieve. Mental toughness builds on learning from the failure to perform, and to funnel this into the next performance.  

Hyper Focus 

The ability to execute at a peak level of performance in all situations without getting distracted and with complete mental clarity and ease. Some call this being “in the zone”. 

 Stress Optimization 

Mental toughness also involves techniques to manage stress and pressure at the moment a task is performed. With practice, we can change attitudes around doubt, fear, and anxiety.  


This is a planning distinction and enables the performer to be prepared for any eventuality and have a backup plan for any circumstance that is predictable or otherwise not.   

Improve Your Game 

You can become mentally stronger--and as a result more successful! Top-tier athletes know that mental toughness training is a part of their great athletic achievements. Contact Kathy A. Feinstein a certified Sports Performance Consultant in Naples, Florida. She can help you see a significant improvement in your performance. 

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