Episode 58: Chris and Holly Santillo on the Parent as Teacher

If you allow a child to discover the answer it is far more effective than just providing that answer.
— Holly Santillo

Chris Santillo is the founder and head instructor at Potomac Kempo, a martial arts studio with four locations in Alexandria, Virginia. Holly Santillo is the founding conductor of Mount Vernon Children’s Choir and a Senior Instructor at Potomac Kempo. Together they have been working with and educating children for more than thirty-five years. Chris has a degree in computer science from Harvey Mudd College and an MBA from Georgetown University and Holly has a degree in anthropology from Willamette University. In Chris and Holly’s Book, Resilience Parenting, they share the insights they have gained as teachers and parents. They offer positive alternatives to lecturing, bribing, and punishing; focusing instead on three pillars: Learning, Integrity, and Service. Chris and Holly tell us that by applying these powerful principles, you can inspire your children to develop the independence they need to succeed as adults, while renewing their connection to family and community. Whether you are raising a teenager or just starting your family, the methods prescribed in this book will help you unlock your greatest potential as a parent. In this episode Kathy and the Santillo’s discuss teachable skills such as cultivating confidence in your athletes through a balance of independence and connectedness. They share their three pillars of love of learning, becoming people of service, and acting as people of integrity and the growth that has come from utilizing their role as teachers with their family. They stress the curiosity of having an empty cup, assessing when kids are ready, the spiral method, keeping a lesson plan in mind as parents and coaches, and recognizing opportunities for spontaneous learning. Chris and Holly impart so much wisdom in this episode, especially the importance of sharing your failures with your kids far more than successes! Chris and Holly are currently traveling around the world with their family, and you can follow along at https://fivebackpacks.family. If you enjoyed this episode please like, share, and rate us in your favorite place to listen.