Episode 57: Winston White on Staying Hydrated this Summer

Prevention is better than a cure.
— Winston White

Our guest this week Winston White chose soccer over a promising track and field career and went on to amass nearly 600 professional league games in the UK. His exceptional sporting background along with his Sports Business Degree and MBA qualifies him for many key posts in the sports, health, and fitness industry. He runs his own soccer agency where he manages young soccer talent and places them into professional teams in Europe. His love of sport and fitness is only matched by his expert knowledge and business acumen. His dedication and professionalism have allowed him to maintain a very impressive network of contacts in the sports and business world. Winston was appointed to Blueprint, a Caribbean soccer initiative that ultimately received FIFA funding based on his skilled consultation. He is also a qualified personal trainer and worked for the US-owned company Life Fitness for a number of years before moving to Naples five years ago via the Caribbean. His passion will always be sports, and he is dedicated to helping others live their dreams. Winston is fresh off of speaking on dehydration and youth sports. and joins Kathy to discuss the roles parents, coaches, and players play in staying properly fueled when it comes to water and sports drinks! White highlights the role of sodium for fluid retention, why it’s important to hydrate before experiencing thirst, how reducing high-sugar drinks can help an athlete excel, and his experience testing extensively whether hydration before activity can change the game. White also encourages wearing light-colored technical clothing, making modifications based on conditions, and taking breaks in intensity when activity levels and temperatures both climb up high! His smart approaches to prevention and optimization are incredibly motivating and inspirational. Parents, pass this episode on to coaches and athletes as they enter the summer season, along with a reminder to stay safe and stay hydrated! If you enjoy the show, please like, share, and rate us in your favorite place to listen. Kathy would love to hear from you! Connect with her on social media @sportpsychworks and through https://www.kafcounselingandsportperformance.com/contact.